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Last Line of Defence
Why companies NEED
BCyber Safe
Watch how a cyber attack happens and how you can reduce the impact
RC is an agentless technology which is implemented on existing infrastructure, making implementation safe and hassle-free, by applying automatic configuration of settings with Machine Learning, using security-based Artificial Intelligence.

As RC is an agentless solution, there is no requirement for this to be installed on your endpoints, servers or file storage. RC monitors your network shares and protects your critical data and as a result RC can be deployed quickly and in a matter of hours.
RC provides a revolutionary “Last Line of Defence” against the risk of Ransomware. RC will immediately react to live ransomware outbreaks when all other security solutions have failed. RC monitors your critical data (XLS, DOCX and PDF etc) and looks for any illegitimate encryption. RC will instantly detect any unwanted ransomware outbreaks.

RC will react within seconds of an unexpected file encryption taking place, alerting the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team, the attacked user, other key stakeholders and produce a GDPR compliant report.

Alerting is done by email, SMS, IOS/Android app and through integration with most SIEM solutions. The alerting and communication also works if you are hosting in the cloud or having an MSP taking care of your IT solution and infrastructure.
What makes us different makes us better?
Can your security team react fast enough? Their reaction time can be decreased from hours to minutes with RC. Want to learn more.
Let BCyber be your last line of defence